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For Sale

photo by Pim Valk.

mecAfter almost 20 years of hard work in selecting the best
Polish bloodlines to incorporate in ourbreedingprogram we can offer
you exclusive foals for sale.
Bloodlines based on the traditions of the Polish State Studs as Janow Podlaski and Michalow.
Famous stallions like Pohaniec, Bandos, Monogramm,Ararat, Ekstern, Piaff and QR Marc you will find in the pedigrees of our foals.
Our mares trace back to the famous E-line which includes names like Elektronika and Ellora. We are also proud of the Z-line with Zyada and Zygoda.
Finally the famous P-line of Janow Podlaski is through Piaff represented in our breedingprogram. Descendants of this line are f.e. Pilarka, Pipi and world known beautiful Pianissima.
If you are interested in our horses don’t hesitate to contact us.
Our horses share the same bloodlines as those of the Polish State
Studs and we can offer them for reasonable prices.

You can make your dream come true to own a pure bred Polish Arabian horse.